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Selecting an Attorney: What to Know Whether a client wins or lose a personal injury case, or the level of settlement decided by the court is figured out by many factor, but the most influential element in winning a case is the decision to choose the right personal attorney. Consequently, what should a person put in mind in selecting a personal injury attorney that will win their case and give them the best settlement? Free consultations are often provided by most personal injury attorneys. As the client, you should be interviewing the attorney in order to make sure that he gives the most attention to your case aside from letting him evaluate it. A sign that you should take notice on whether you and your case will be given maximum and undivided attention is how you are handled during your free consultation. The person that you are discussing your case with should be the attorney, and another person part of the attorney’s team. After all, you are hiring an attorney, and not a paralegal, to comprehend your case, research the facts and the law and win it for you. You want that you get the talk to the attorney face to face, and not through one of his intermediaries. Summarize your case and respond honestly to the questions asked to you once you have met the attorney. Then, you should asked him the following queries. The answers that you will be given should determine how comfortable you are to the attention that the attorney will give to you and your case.
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Who will be responsible on handling and researching your case, is he an attorney or one of the staff?
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Will the attorney be involved if your case goes to trial, or will he outsource the litigation? Who will be your contact in the law office, would it be the attorney? If yes, is he available during office hours and also after office? Do you have access on contacting him directly and in his mobile phone? In some offices of personal injury attorneys, clients can only communicate with the staffs and paralegals, but not with the attorney himself. Take a hint when the attorney tells you that his staff will give maximum attention to your case. Take another clue when the attorney does not want to give you his mobile phone number to contact anytime you have concerns. If you are not able to talk to an attorney or you feel that your case will not be given full and undivided attention by an actual lawyer, find another one. Many good attorneys are out there and willing to give you and your case their full and maximum attention.